Terms and conditions for Home Ed Event organisers

The Event Manager facility on this website is provided completely free of charge.  (Please note that PayPal processing fees will apply to payments, but these can be avoided if you arrange for attendees to pay you offline)

By registering your event on Educationista.com you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Educationista reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. It is your responsibility to check this page for any changes.

You may only register an event on Educationista where you (as the organiser) are NOT making a personal profit (this includes charging for your own time)

Educationista reserves the right to remove, modify or suspend any event listing, (in reality, this will only be done if the organiser is making a personal profit, or the event is indecent in some way. Occasionally pedantry will mean that spelling errors might be corrected)

Educationista does not buy tickets to the organisers' events, and title to the tickets always remains with the organiser.

If there are any changes to the event, it is the organiser's responsibility to communicate this to all attendees.

If using Educationista.com to take payment (via PayPal), then PayPal's fees of 3.4% (which is effectively 3.52% on the original ticket price because PayPal calculates it on the total end payment figure) plus 20p per transaction will apply to each transaction. Therefore, the organiser might opt to add at least 3.52% to the price plus a 20p transaction fee. (Note that the transaction fee applies to the whole transaction and not each ticket, if that's the case, attendees who made multiple ticket purchases in one go would require a small refund.)

Paypal payments will be sent to the organiser via PayPal. Organisers must allow at least 14 calendar days for payment to reach them (from the date of request, afterwhich, there can be no further ticket sales. Therefore, the organiser might wish to allow for this timescale when registering their event.

Organisers must ensure that if they confirm an attendees' "ticket", place or event attendance, they must honour that ticket/place/attendance.

Educationista will re-coup any chargebacks from the event organiser.