Review: Homeschooling for Dummies by Jennifer Kaufield

Homeschooling for Dummies by Jennifer Kaufield* follows the usual "Dummies" format and it is very upbeat and positive. It was a useful introductory overview of Home Education and included lots of tips and advice. It also covers all age-ranges and it touches on the main methods of home-education but not any particular area in depth. The focus is very much "how to" rather than a "why would you?"

Some aspects relating specifically to the US are not applicable to the UK (some US states seem to have far more regulation and administrative requirements than the UK, for example) and the book does not cover UK law on home-education. Similarly, the book does not go into any €detail about specific educational philosophies or educational theories).  There is not enough detail, on it's own, for those starting out on home-education/homeschooling with older students.

Good introductory book to get started with, particularly for those with younger children.  It is typically light-hearted and encouraging.

 Also available on Kindle*


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