Using Educationista to organise a home-ed event

Educationista offers UK Home-educators a method of organising home-ed events that is totally free to use*

Home-Ed event organisers simply register for a free login and then create their event.

Once the event is live on the website, you can publicise the link to your local home-ed group and would-be attendees can sign up and register for your event.

Organisers can take payment via the website, in which case PayPal fees of 3.4% plus 20p per transaction will apply to each ticket. Note that it is 3.4% of the final transaction figure, NOT 3.4% of the price before PayPal fees.  (It is therefore, suggested that you add this fee to the ticket cost) ALTERNATIVELY, they can advise attendees to pay offline (and send you a cheque). The latter method is completely fee-free.

You can manage your event via the website, confirm attendance and download a csv file of attendees.