Adding an Event

You must be logged on to add an event.

After clicking on the "add an event" link, you will need to add the details for your event.

Event Name - this is the name you give your event.  It can be anything (although, rude/offensive/obscene names will be deleted)

When - this is the date of the event.  If it is a one-day event, the "from" and "to" dates will be the same.

Event starts at - start time

to - end time

Clicking the "all day" box will mean that the event will last from midnight to midnight, and you won't be able to enter any times (and any times previously entered will be ignored)

Where - put in the location name (some locations may already have been used).  If the location is new to, then you will need to put in the full address.

Detail - here, you should put in all the details for the event, including any costs, restrictions and special instructions.

Category - click on a category for the event.  If you need a new category, please contact me to have a new category added.

Event Image - You may upload a photo (very large photos will be very slow to load and may be deleted)



If you are a home-educator, and wish to take bookings via the website, then click in the check-box to enable this facility.

If you enable the bookings/registration (as per previous step)

then additional details will appear for you to complete.

Ticket Name - click "edit" to change the name from "standard ticket" to something more appropriate (I normally use "child space", "adult space", "KS1 space" etc...

You may also add a description for the ticket, if you like.

Price - you must include an additional 3.54% on top for PayPal fees.

Spaces - you must also put an upper limit for the number of spaces available for this ticket type.

You can add as many ticket types as you need (so, for example, you might have two ticket types, "child space" and "ault space", or you might need to break down the child spaces per age, for eaxample "Child Space age 5-7", "Child Space age 8-11" etc...

After you have specified your "ticket" types, you can put a total amount of spaces overall (across all the ticket types) in the "Total Spaces" box.  You may also leave this blank.

You can place a maximum limit on the number of spaces allowed per booking by putting a number in the "Maximum Spaces per Booking" box.  You may also leave this blank.

You can specify a "Booking Cut-Off Date" and "Time" by entering appropriate dates and times in those two boxes.  You may also leave these boxes blank.

You can choose the booking form from the drop down list (the "DetailedHE" form just asks for children names & ages)