PGL Activity Weekend Oct 2017

PGL Activity Weekend Oct 2017
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Date(s) - 20/10/2017 - 23/10/2017
All Day

PGL Liddington


Organised by Educationista Foundation

The initial booking and deposits have now been submitted to PGL.

***However, you may still book onto this with prior agreement either via the FB group or by emailing, subject to capacity at PGL Liddington. (Prior agreement is required because we’d have to check capacity first!)***

A weekend of adventure and outward bound activites at PGL Liddington (their flagship site)

What’s Included:

- All activity instruction, supervision and use of specialist equipment.

- Engaging adventure activities on land and water to develop different skills.

- Full board accommodation.

- A PGL ‘Groupie’ who will look after you and your group for your entire stay

- A full evening entertainment programme tailored for your group

- Extensive travel insurance cover

 The activities are aimed at children/students 7-17yrs (ie. born between 22 Oct 1999 – 20 Oct 2010 inclusive)

Children aged 5 & 6yrs old (at the time of the trip, ie born between 21 Oct 2010 – 19 Oct 2012) may also book on.  Participation in the activities for 5 & 6yr olds is at the discretion of the PGL instructor per activity as it is subject to height/build because they need to fit the harness/helmet/other equipment/etc.  The PGL instructor’s decision is final.  The price for 5 & 6yr olds is reduced.

This trip is intended for HE families to enjoy together.  
All children aged 11yrs and below will need to be accompanied by a parent on this trip.
We will only take unaccompanied students aged 12yr+ if personally agreed in advance by either Karen, Nikki or Lou.  Please contact any of those three directly before booking to arrange.  We would expect that to be exceptional, not least because due to adult ratios/insurance, there is a limit to how many unaccompanied under 18s that we can take overall.
There is no option for families to take children other than their own.
Unfortunately, due to our own insurance, we are not taking children under 5yrs of age.

If groups of friends/families are going, you may nominate the people you would like to be grouped with and roomed with (see below for further details of how to do that)

This is also an ideal opportunity for home-ed teens to get together and socialise over lots of fun activities.


SAMPLE ITINERARY (times will vary):
Friday 20 Oct
3pm arrival
5pm evening meal
7.30pm evening activity

Saturday 21 Oct & Sunday 22 Oct
7.30am Breakfast
9.00am Activity 1
10.30am Activity 2
12.30pm lunch
2.00pm Activity 3
3.30pm Activity 4
5.30pm dinner
7.30pm Evening activity

Monday 23 Oct
7.30am Breakfast
9.00am Activity 1
10.30am Activity 2
12.30pm lunch
1.30pm depart

Price per person aged 7yrs+ is £118.80
Price per adult is £118.80
Price per child aged 5-6yrs is £59.40 ***

An initial deposit of £30 per person will be required by 20 April 2017. The remaining balance is required by 31st July 2017.  Deposits are non-refundable unless someone is able to fill your space.

Payments need to be made by bank transfer to Educationista Foundation.
(The bank details will be emailed to you after you have booked.  Your places will be confirmed after your bank payment has been matched up)

Up to one carer free of charge may be allocated (at PGL’s discretion and subject to meeting PGL’s criteria) you will need to provide documentary evidence and will also need to fill in the necessary paperwork for PGL. If more than one carer space is applied for, this will be shared.

For a review of our previous PGL trip, click here.


Payment details
Please pay via bank transfer.
(After you book, you will receive an email with the bank details to make payment)

This is an Educationista Foundation event.  By booking on, you agree to adhere by the policies of the Foundation. A risk-assessment will be made available to everyone who attends on.

(For adults/parents – put “adult” or “parent” in the age box)

There are no refunds for cancellation, curtailment or non-attendance.

A Note About Rooms & Group Preferences:

The rooms are mainly going to be 4-bed.  (There may be some 6-bed but we cannot rely on that)

Please could you indicate in the “rooming preferences” box (which appears once you begin) one or more of the following preferences :

  • whether your children would be able to share with other children (and nominate the other children).  There would be no adults in this room.
  • whether the adults would be able to share with other adults (and nominate the other adults)
  • whether you want to room together as a family.  You may also share with another family – in fact, it would be really, really helpful if you could share with another family if at all possible.

Activity Groups:
We will sub-divide into groups of 12 people.  If you have a preference to be grouped with one or more other families, please also indicate this in the “activity group preferences” box (which appears near the bottom of the booking form)

  • whether you would like your children kept together, with you in the activity group
  • whether you would prefer your children to be grouped with other similarly-aged children.
  • if your children are going to be in different groups, which parents are going with which children.

We will do our best to accommodate your requests but please note that it will be subject to the room & group numbers working out mathematically.

Disability/Dietary Requirements/Specific/Special Needs
If you have special dietary needs, please put these in the “special dietary requirements” box for the relevant person.  (This box will appear once you begin the booking process)

If you have any other special requirements, please put these in the “special dietary requirements” box for the relevant person.  (This box will appear once you begin the booking process).

Non-participating adults:
If the adult is not participating in the activities, please indicate this against their name (by clicking “not participating in activities” box for that adult).  For children and participating adults, please click “participating in activities”


If you are a home-educator, please do feel free to join the Educationista Foundation facebook group here.


***Please feel free to share this link with any home-educator or any local home-education group***


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