Event Manager Help

To book onto an event, you must first register with the website (to create a free login).  Please note that this is different from subscribing to the newsletter.

You must then log into the website and then navigate to the event you were trying to book onto.  If you are logged in and there are spaces, you will be able to book on using the booking form at the bottom.

If the event has a charge, you can opt to "pay offline" (this saves PayPal fees) and send the payment directly to the organiser.

If you are experiencing any problems at all with registering, logging in or booking on, please do make contact, so that it can be fixed for you.


To add an event to Educationista, first ensure you are logged in and then visit www.educationista.com/events/add-event/

  1. Add the name of the event, the dates (if it is a one-day event, the "from" and "to" dates will be the same)
  2. Add the start and end times (or tick the "all day" box)
  3. Choose a location from the drop down menu (if it is not listed, please tick "this event does not have a physical location and use the contact form to send the location details - including the postcode.
  4. Add the detail, description and any other requirements in the details box.
  5. You may upload a picture, if you wish.
  6. If you do not wish to take bookings via the website, then scroll down to the bottom and click "Submit Event" (events will normally appear within 24hrs)
  7. If do* you wish to take bookings via the website, then click the "enable registration" button. (NB - only home-educators are able to enable registration, and only for their home-education events)
  8. Click "Edit" under where it says "Standard ticket" change the description to something more meaningful - such as "Science Museum workshop - child place", add a description if you wish (you don't need to) and a price (remember to allow for PayPal fees) and the number of spaces that you wish to fill via the website.
  9. Optionally, under "Advanced options, you can specify min/max spaces per booking and cut-off dates.   Under the drop down menu "Available for" choose "logged in users" (to avoid spam bookings)
  10. Either click "Add new ticket" to add further ticket options (eg adult tickets).  Sometimes, you might need to separate children per age group, in this instance, I would have a "ticket type" for each age-group required.  (Keep adding new tickets as required until you have specified all the required "ticket types" or options that you require)
  11. Under "Event Options, you can specify the total number of spaces available
  12. If you wish, you can restrict the total number of spaces each person can book
  13. If you wish, you can specify a booking cut-off date.  If you do not put a date in here, the website will keep taking bookings until it is either full, or the date of the event is reached.
  14. You can select a simple booking form, or a slightly more detailed form (which has an additional text box) or one which requires people to enter their phone number.
  15. You can also optionally, select an "Attendee Form" if you would like to collect names, ages or special requirements for each person when they book on.  This is handy if you need to have the names of everyone going.  (The default would be no attendee details collected)
  16. Click "Submit Event" (events will normally appear within 24hrs)

If all this sounds too much like hard work, please just send the details here.

*If you do with to take bookings via the website/enable registration, you will receive an email everytime someone books on.
Important - You must log onto the website to approve their booking.  When you do this, the person will get a confirmation booking AND the website will reduce the availability of places automatically.
When the event is full, the website will not take any further bookings.  At any time, you can log into the website and see details of all your events and attendees at: www.educationista.com/events/my-events/ (from that page, you can also click the link to an individual event to see a list of attendees for that event.  You can also download the list, if you wish.

The event manager facility is completely free for home-educators and their home-education events, so long as the event is not a profit-making/business event.