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Field Trip at

Field Trip at

The entire point of home-education is that you do what is best for your child/ren and the beauty of home-ed is that you can organise whatever you like.

Any home-educator can organise a home-education event. is all about educational trips and visits! The main purpose of the website being to share knowledge of places, resources and things to do.  We share and list both public events and home-ed events on our events page (and you can search all future events by age, subject, distance/location and date)

In nearly every local home-education group that has been established for a while, there will be people willing to help fellow home-educators to organise stuff.
I'm (Lou) always happy to help anyone organise their own trips/events and also offers it's event booking facility to home-educators free-of-charge.  (It's also fine to ask for help without having to use this website event booking facility, too).

So, should you see an event on this website, that you would like to reproduce, wonderful! I'd love to hear that you were inspired to organise your own, either by commenting on the event's page itself or by dropping a line.

Occasionally, special home-ed rates have been negotiated with a venue.  Again, you are very welcome to renegotiate these yourself.  Obviously, similarly, the venue is under no obligation to honour previously negotiated special rates, if for example, they've changed their pricing in the meantime.

However, it is not the policy or practice of Lou (or this website) to negotiate exclusive home-education discount or to lock a venue into an exclusive home-education discount.
(Please see here for an opinion on HE discount cards and here for home-ed discounts that we're currently aware of )

There are so many fabulous home-education things going on nowadays, that it is impossible not to clash with something else, somewhere else.

Obviously, there is an etiquette about not organising an identical event either at the same time or before the original one is full (and in fact, this is common sense, because depending on how the venue charges, both organisers may be out of pocket if there are not enough "attendees" to cover both trips).

Most importantly, it is important to remember that anyone can organise anything and people should feel empowered to do so.

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