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Educationista is a friendly kind of a website mainly about educational places to visit.  It's made by me, Lou, a home-ed mum, as a labour of love, as a distraction from other things.

Occasionally, I blog here, mainly reviews of places we've been to on organised trips or as a family.  These reviews are my personal views.  I also started a directory of places to visit, that is searchable by postcode or distance because I do love an organised list!  These are mainly places we have been to, either on a trip or as a family or places we are intending to visit.

A specific word about the events on here:
The home-education events on here are organised by home-educators on a completely not-for-profit basis unless otherwise stated.
Most of them are organised by me (Lou) and EVERYTHING I organise is completely non-profit-making.  I organise a lot of trips to get us out of the house and out seeing the world.  On average, we do a trip once or twice a month.  This means convincing anything from half a dozen to a hundred other home-ed families to join us.

Anyone can add an education-related event on here (that includes organisations and venues themselves; charities, clubs; and of course home-educators). Anyone can use the registration facility ("enable registration") for free events.
Sometimes, I add public educational events that I am aware of and which other people might find interesting (such as the Big Bang Fair and the Skills Show, which we have been attending for years) but that need to be booked directly with the organiser/venue.

Home-educators are allowed to "enable registration" for their events for paid events as well.  This means that they can use the website to manage bookings, and if they so wish, they can take PayPal payments, too.  This is "at-cost", which means that I don't make a profit and that you must build in the PayPal fees to your "ticket price" or you'd be out of pocket.  There is some general help and there are some step-by-step instructions, or you can dive straight in (you don't need to ask permission.  The facility best suits events that have a "capacity" limit and/or a cost).

Events are not moderated, although if you put something rude or offensive, it will get deleted.

Please do make yourself at home and also feel free to add your comments.

Disclosure - Like many blogs, this website generates income from the placement of advertising, such as (but not limited to) Google adsense adverts (and goes towards the cost of the domain name, hosting, and the programs that run the event bookings and directory)  Any affiliate links (of which there are few) are indicated.  All reviews are my personal views.  Inclusion in the directory is not an endorsement.